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My journal of my battle with Crohns disease. I have had Crohn's diagnosed since September 2007. In that time I've been through two surgeries, two colonoscopies, and tons of good and bad times. I want to share my experiences with this disorder and hope to hear some feedback from time to time.

Work In Progress

Saturday, July 28, 2018
Working out this past week has been draining. We went for five days.  That's been our schedule.  Sunday through Thursday. 

I think I am starting to notice a little change. Not much in terms of muscle, yet, but with tiredness and hunger.  I have been starving throughout the day, which is causing me to eat a little more.  That isn't too bad because I usually consume fewer calories than I burn. So, this has helped me eat a little more and stay fuller longer.  I am very guilty of late night snacking.  Which really just screws up my stomach and its rhythm. 

I tend to get very tired around 10 in the morning, and 1:30 in the afternoon at work.  I think working out, combined with eating more protein has given me a small energy boost.  After workouts in the evening, I am zapped, so I have been both falling and going to sleep earlier. 
I am starting to notice a pickup in strength and endurance as well.  I can lift a little more and run a little longer.  I make sure to get my cardio in first before selecting an area to work that day.  
I not looking to change too much.  Just overall healthier. Happy workouts!
Do you workout? Just starting out? Advanced?  Let me know in the comments, or connected with me on Instagram @CrohnsFighterKC

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