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My journal of my battle with Crohns disease. I have had Crohn's diagnosed since September 2007. In that time I've been through two surgeries, two colonoscopies, and tons of good and bad times. I want to share my experiences with this disorder and hope to hear some feedback from time to time.

Giving Probiotics Another Try

Friday, July 6, 2018
Back when I first diagnosed, my GI gave me a good amount of Align Probiotics to try.  The benefit always seemed promising.  A battle of good and bad bacteria in your gut.  All to create a wonderful "flora" and balance. 

I tried, but I could not get over some of the short-term side effects of gas and bloating. Those on top of what I was already feeling was not going to work.  So, I gave up on them within days.  

Bad idea.  Had I looked into it a little more, I would have found that most side effects like gas, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation, shouldn't last more than a couple of weeks.  Who knows if I would be suffering less from painful cramps or having better quality BMs. I am really hoping regular BMs and increased energy.    

I picked up a bottle from Walmart.  I spent less than $10.  The bottle mentions an active acidophilus culture, which I read is good.  The reviews were also very positive.  I know some brands may have better quality ingredients or bacteria the others don't.  I have been reviewing some on Amazon as well.  

I will see how it goes.  Maybe in a few weeks, I won't feel as bloated as I do at the moment.  Let me know if you have any experience with probiotics, favorite brands, funny stories.    

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