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My journal of my battle with Crohns disease. I have had Crohn's diagnosed since September 2007. In that time I've been through two surgeries, two colonoscopies, and tons of good and bad times. I want to share my experiences with this disorder and hope to hear some feedback from time to time.

83% of Patients Remain in Remission After Three Years

Tuesday, March 9, 2010
I ran across an article a few days ago that talked about Crohn's Disease patients and the drug Adalimumab. Most of us know Adalimumab by another name, Humira. It mentioned that out of the 145 patients at the beginning of the study, 120 were still in remission 3 years later.

This is pretty cool. I know a lot of the people I talk to online twitter are taking Humira. I would love to know what it does for you. My GI wants to wait and keep Humira as a sort of ace in the hole if things get more severe.

To check out the article click here.

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Jim Bell said...

I was on Humira for 6 years. I was in clinical remission within 7 weeks! I loved it, but unfortunately, my body built up antibodies against it and stopped working for me. I am on Cimzia and doing great. Hope you can get on it. You will feel the difference.

RJ Taylor said...

Wow, that's sucks that your body built up the wall against the drug. Did symptoms start to appear again?

I have to check out your current medicine.

Jim Bell said...

I got REALLY sick last year. Was in the hospital twice and had to have 18 units of blood transfused. It was by far my worst year with my crohn's. I am doing great now on the Cimzia. It is similar to Humira and is self injected.

Jen said...

My doc wouldn't put me on Humira because most people have the same problem with it that Jim had, and once it becomes ineffective, it's dangerous to go off of it and then go back on at a later date.

He also wouldn't put me on it because my CD isn't severe enough to warrant Remicade or Humira, fortunately, but he also sited the reasons above.

RJ Taylor said...

My doctor didn't want to put me on Humira for the same reason. Since my crohns is mild, he would rather wait and see if things become worse. Which I hope doesn't

Lindsey said...

I am on humira. Its an ok drug. I am too superstitious to really be all bouncy about it. It helps with crohns a lot, but do not do anything on the day of the injection or you will regret it re: you will feel like you have the flu. But so far so good over here.

RJ Taylor said...

Thanks Lindsey. That would suck to feel like that every injection day. It sounds like the good outweighs the bad through, so I hope everything keeps going great for you.