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My journal of my battle with Crohns disease. I have had Crohn's diagnosed since September 2007. In that time I've been through two surgeries, two colonoscopies, and tons of good and bad times. I want to share my experiences with this disorder and hope to hear some feedback from time to time.

H1N1 Fears

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
What's a guy who's body is immuno-suppressed supposed to do?  All around me people are getting swine flu.  Every time I watch the news more kids minutes from my home are getting sick.  Also, I learned today at work that a coworkers son and fiance both have swine flu, and she may be coming back to work tomorrow.  Should she be out of work too?

I haven't talked to my doctor about it, but I believe he wouldn't want me to get the vaccine.  I read that it is generally recommended that people with chronic conditions get the seasonal flu shot, but I haven't seen anything about the H1N1 vaccine.  Will any of you all be getting the Swine flu Vaccine.
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