Monday, October 13, 2014

Crohn's Disease and Stress. How do you deal?

We all know Crohn's Disease sucks. But, what makes it worse is if you are stressed. It drains you, and makes it hard to feel better. Stress will make you go the bathroom more, sometimes not at all, eat things you shouldn't, make your insides feel horrible, and just make things worse for you.

I've tried to find ways to deal with stress because of my crohn's. I really just try to stay positive, or get away from the source. If that doesn't work, running usually makes me feel better. If I am under a lot of stress, sometimes, I will have to go to the bathroom way more. But, there are time when I'm feeling it, that I can't go at all. Oh, and the cramps. If I have had a bad day my stomach will just ache.

What do you all do to deal with stress and keep it from affecting you? Let me know in the comments or on youtube. Thanks.


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