Friday, October 31, 2014

Alcohol and Crohn's Disease - IBD

I've had Crohns since 2007, and one of the questions I am always asked is if I drink.   I tell people that I only drink when I go out to bars.  When I do drink, it is usually a cocktail.

Alcohol may affect each us with IBD differently.  For me, beer always bothers my stomach.  From what I had read, it is probably the yeast. Wine always seems to make things feel bad as well.   I think most fermented drinks cause me issues.

But, what about you?  It is always best to do your research.   Read the warning labels that comes with your prescriptions. Some may tell you not to drink at all, or may limit the amount you drink. However, the best things is to check with your doctor.   They will definetely let you know if you aren't sure.

Be safe and happy drinking crohnies.  Cheers!


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