Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Crohns...You suck!

You know what Crohn's?  Lately, you suck.  You suck because I can no longer eat.  When I try to I vomit.  Can't seem to get my temp to stay under 100 degrees.  It is really hard to sleep at night when I am burning up, and have to go to the bathroom every two hours.   The bleeding.  I won't even touch on that, but if you have Crohn's you know what I mean.   

I used to have energy, strength, the will to get out of bed.  No longer.  I can barely get up from the couch without becoming winded.  I mainly just sit there like a zombie.  

The weight loss was cool at first.   I was too heavy at 220lbs. But, it hasn't stopped.  At last check...128.  That's scary.  I'm afraid.   See my collar bone. Crazy! My waist. a 28 right now.   A month ago, maybe 32-34.   You know when you bump into things with no meat(fat), it hurts.  Alot.  

Crohn's...You suck!


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