Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wide Awake and Staring At the Wall

Hey fellow crohnies. It's 1:00 am right now and I want to be sleep, but I can't fall asleep. Do you all find yourselves in the same situation? This always happens to me when I take Prednisone.

I also want to thank the readers of my blog. Whenever I see that I've had visitors, it make me want to write and help others. Keep on reading and let me know your stories.


Ragamuffin said...

it's part of what's called "steroid psychosis"... a kind of hypomania that gives you spirts of energy at all the wrong times. i complain about it in my blog so frequently that i've given it an acronym: p.m. (for prednisone mania).

enjoy... :)

RJ Taylor said...

Spirts of energy at all the wrong times. Exactly!

Katie Stall said...

My time of prednisone energy is 4 am!! Keep blogging, you are helping so many people! I'm struggling right there with ya!

kldear said...

I've just found your blog - it's really great! I am on prednisone now, too, and am sleeping only about 4 hours a night. I eventually crash and sleep a full night, but that usually only happens about once a week! Good luck with your lack of sleep - I'll be thinking of you!

RJ Taylor said...

Thanks Kati and kldear. Thanks for reading.


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