Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Drink Your Milk

I ran across some research today that talks about the link between Vitamin D and Crohn's. According to research by McGill University and the University of Montreal, vitamin D has been found to have a direct effect on two genes that have been associated to Crohn's disease.

The first gene, beta defensin-2, is an antimicrobial peptide which helps to stop the growth bacteria. The second, NOd2, lets your body know that there foreign contaminants. If NOD2 is deficient or defective, it cannot combat invaders in the intestinal tract.

Besides showing that vitamin D deficiency can contribute to Crohn's disease, the new finding also suggests that vitamin D supplements, such as cod liver oil, can be effective in relieving symptoms caused by inflammatory bowel diseases.

The study's authors say the most promising aspect of the genetic discovery is how it can be quickly put to the test. "Siblings of patients with Crohn's disease that haven't yet developed the disease might be well advised to make sure they're vitamin D sufficient." It's something that's easy to do, because they can simply go to a pharmacy and buy Vitamin D supplements.

I haven't talked with my GI about this yet, but it sounds very exciting.

So what do you all think? Will you add this to your regimen?


Katie Stall said...

I have added calcium and vitamin D to my list of medications this past week. I do feel like it makes a difference!

RJ Taylor said...

Do you feel like there is less pain, more energy?

Katie Stall said...

Less pain when going to the bathroom!! I haven't noticed a difference in my energy (yet).

JRose said...

I am extremely vitamin D deficient (like a level of 5 when it should be 30-70). It has lead to excruciating body pains. I have to take suppliments every day (though I have always eaten lots of milk products). It helps with the body pain, but lately, taking it has coincided with flares for me. So, it helps, but not with my Crohn's/IBD. ;)


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