Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wow! It's been awhile. Surgery.

Ok, the last time I made an entry on this blog was December 1, 2007. It has been a long while. A lot has happened with my Crohn's since then.

I started feeling really good and decided to not take my meds. That did not go over so well. Crohn's came back and kicked my butt. Literally. I made an appointment with the GI doc and started taking my meds again.

After that, I had the pleasure of having a tear and all the fun that goes along with it. You know, blood and tons of pain. I called the doc to let him know and he prescribed antibiotics, lidocaine cream, and Vicodin.

While the Vicodin helped with the pain, I ended up getting an infection. Another one. And yes, it hurt a lot. After a few 102+ fevers, I ended up going to the emergency room. That was not fun. They did a CT Scan, and also tested for H1N1. When I left, they told me that I don't have an infection or abscess.

When I let my GI doc know he told me to go see the surgeon. I went for my consultation, and after a little poking and prodding, he told me that yes, I need another operation. Wow, that sucks to hear.

So........., yesterday, I had my 2nd incision and drainage of a perirectal abscess. Fun right? Not really. My whole body is aching, and I have not yet felt the pain of my surgery. Thanks Percocet.

So after all of that I decided that I will start writing again. I will be sharing more about my recovery, and experiences.


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