Saturday, September 26, 2009

Feeling Better

So, since my surgery, the pain when going to the restroom has decreased a ton.  I am able to actually move around after going instead of just laying down.

I am also eating a little more each day.  Prior to the surgery, I had no appetite what so ever.  I would usually skip breakfast and lunch, and ear something like a chicken breast for dinner.  Now, I have added another meal in during the day.

The bad part about eating more is that I go to the restroom more.  That sucks because each time I do, I have to take a shower and/or bath because of the surgical wound.  I have to keep it very clean.  That means I have to change my packing multiple times of day.  And, it's gross.  My incision in still draining a ton.

Another thing is that I really don't want to gain back the weight I lost over the last couple of month from being sick.  I was a little overweight, and could still afford to lost a little bit more.


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